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I hope everyone is staying healthy and well during this challenging time! I will be updating this page frequently to touch base and provide fun and enriching activities along with resources.  Please feel free to email me with any questions and concerns at collinna@pwcs.edu. My office hours are on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 10:00-11:00. 

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Mrs. Collins

Speech Language Pathologist


Play the describing game. 

1. Get a bag or bucket and fill it with “spring things” (e.g. eggs, grass, seeds, flip flops etc.)

2. Have the child turn around and pull something out. Describe the item to the child and ask them to guess what you are describing. (try to use as many senses as possible like smell, touch, taste, sound, etc.)

3. Ask the child to take something out of the bucket and hide it around the room. Encourage them to give you 3 hints using complete sentences.

There are Speech Sounds all around us.

Go on a scavenger hunt for sounds! On a nice day, take a walk outside and find as many items around you with your child’s sound(s).  It might be fun to keep track of who can find the most!

Not sure how to teach a specific sound?  https://peachiespeechie.com/pages/peachie-speechie-videos


When children speak with adults, they attempt to match the speaking rates of the adults they are conversing with.  They are consequently under time-pressure whenever they speak to an adult who is speaking at a typical adult rate.  Fluency can be compromised whenever there is time-pressure; it is one of the most common demands on fluency.  One thing parents can do in this regard is to slow down while speaking to or in front of the child.