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**Update: I have created a special Youtube Page for students to work on songs and skills learned in class! Here is the link! Enjoy! Link:

Parents and Guardians,

I will be providing easily accessible online resources for your students to be able to continue to work on their musicianship at home. Students may pick through the assignments they may wish to complete. None of these are mandatory. Students who wish to work on their music theory skills (note reading) will find worksheets that they can practice with. Students who wish to instead "color by note" can color various worksheets based on the color key at the bottom of each page. Some activities will include students looking for sounds in nature to decide which sounds are similar to instruments they have heard in class. To find these assignments, simply click on the link in the left corner labeled “Homework”. The links will be posted ASAP. If the posted links do not work, please let me know.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or requests for things your student may wish to work on at home.

In Song,

Mrs. Pittman