Hi, welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! My name is Ms. Bush and I am a teacher of students with autism at Featherstone Elementary. I earned my undergraduate degree in psychology and my masters in K-12 Special Education: Adapted Curriculum from the University of Mary Washington. I believe that every student can learn and can contribute important knowledge and skills in the classroom.

Important Update
Hello Falcons! I am really missing you all! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this time away from school. It is important to check PWCS.edu for current updates and any additional changes. See the Files and Documents section for some phonics, sight word, and number sense practice. Please email me at bushen@pwcs.edu if you have any questions.

We are working on fair shares (fractions), counting up to 100, as well as reading, writing, and representing numbers up to 20.

In reading, we are learning about different genres, making predictions, practicing our sight words, and reading CVC words (ex. cat, dog, sit, etc.).

Currently we are focusing on how to research topics of interest and writing about them through drawing and pictures.

Social Studies
We are learning about community helpers and economics.


In science we are learning about living and nonliving things.

1st Grade
We are learning about tens addition and subtraction, one more/one less, reading a calendar, and telling time to the nearest half-hour.

We are learning about different genres, making predictions, practicing sight words, and phonics (words with ea and ee, sheep, peach, etc.).

We are working on writing sentences with correct grammar and punctuation.

Science/Social Studies
Animals and Natural Resources

2nd Grade
Compare & Contrast Story Elements


Adding and Subtracting 2-digit numbers (no regrouping)
Word Problems
Place Value to 999
Comparing and Ordering 3-digit numbers
Rounding to the nearest 10
Telling time to the nearest 5 minutes
10 more/10 less & 100 more/100 less than a given number
Counting money to $1

Writing about our opinion using complete sentences and correct grammar and punctuation. 

Innovations in Communication and Transportation
--> How has how we communicate and get around changed in the past 100 years?

Website Links for All Students




BrainPOP Jr.